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12036 N. May Ave.

(inside Northpark Mall)

Oklahoma City, OK 73120

(405) 254-3900

Coffee & Cars

Oklahoma has long had it's roots in the automotive world. From historic Route 66 to the shade trees of great Oklahomans; this city knows cars. We at Synergy Advisors Group have organized this event to facilitate a gathering of responsible car enthusiasts to preserve that love of cars. We also believe in supporting our community. Coffee and Cars OKC, with it's patrons have given aid and thousands of dollars to local organizations such as Heartline, Love OKC and Citizens Caring for Children.

Please join us the first Saturday of every month at Coffee & Cars OKC! We are car enthusiasts of all ages, who informally gather to enjoy our passion of motor vehicles.  Everyone is welcome, and there are no fees.


When: First Saturday of every month from 8:00 am -11:00 am

Location:  Northpark Mall - 12100 N. May, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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No speeding 
No burnouts
Pick up your trash
Follow traffic laws

No parking in handicapped spots (unless handicapped)
Have  a great time!
No speeding 
No burnouts
Pick up your trash
Follow traffic laws

Code of Conduct:

- No speeding - No burnouts - No parking on the grass -

-Please pick up your trash - Follow traffic laws -

- No parking in handicap spots (unless permit present) -

- Have a great time! -